Gothic-style Reversible Poker Table

Reversible Top : Poker on one side, dining room table on the other.
Woods: Dining table top is Turkish, Circassian Walnut burl with a solid, Butternut perimeter and Birdseye Maple medallion in the center. Poker table is solid Butternut, with a hand-carved Butternut pedestal base; ebony inlay; herringbone (ebony/satinwood) inlay.
Drink Holders: custom-made, stainless steel.
Dimensions: 5' diameter round, 29" high.
Price: $21,000

Please Email Mark to order a custom poker table like this one. Available in different woods and sizes, with custom veneers, inlays, carvings, pedestal bases and other features.

"Fantastic poker tables.
Lovely turnings and inlays".
David Michael Wood, Architectural Digest
June 2006

"Some of the poshest (poker tables) are Mark Lackley's custom-made cherry tables..."
Jim McManus, New York Times,
December 10, 2005

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Dear Mark - I can't begin to relay the number of compliments I have received on my table - about the poker side as well as the dining side.  The bookmatch burl is just stunning and I love the pull out drink/chip holders.  Leave it to you to design the pull outs to hold the exact contents of one standard poker chip set - even the dice (yes I noticed!)!  Also the suggestion of the lightweight butternut for ease of table flipping was brilliant.   It is truly a masterful piece displaying both your craftsmanship and ingenuity. Tying the piece to my home decor via the historical connection between Gothic style and the Arts & Crafts movement was a terrific idea.  It gave me an eclectic piece that still ties perfectly.  I appreciated your sense of history (furniture and otherwise), and the extra time you took for the research.  I also appreciate involving me in the design process and being patient with my questions and ideas.   Working with you has been a terrific experience and I look forward to a future project!

John V - Arlington, MA

This Gothic-style poker table was designed with a 14th century Spanish cathedral as a guide. Most notably, the stunning and intricate columns in the cathedral inspired the handcarved pedestal base on the poker table.

Here are some examples of what makes this table unique and special:

  • Reversible design – poker table on one side, dining room table on the other.
  • Dining table top is an 8-sectioned, book-matched circular panel of Turkish, Circassian Walnut burl with a solid, Butternut perimeter.
  • The 3-dimensional looking inlaid medallion in the center of a dining table top is made by a technique called “sand shading”, whereby the edges of each of 16 pieces of wood (birdseye maple) are lightly toasted in a layer of sand, to get this desired, decorative effect. This is the kind of handiwork that sets us apart from other poker table makers.
  • Poker table top has decorative inlay – ebony playing suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) and a herringbone stripe around the perimeter.
  • Pedestal Base is made of solid Butternut wood (locally harvested in Vermont ) comprised of 4 columns hand-turned on a lathe, with hand-carved decorative elements.
  • Cup holder / chip storage pullouts were custom designed by Mark and fabricated in a local machine shop.

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Felt options for your poker table top: (also available in custom colors.)

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