Shaw Poker Table

Woods: Straight-grained Vermont poplar finished with a highly polished black lacquer.
Other Materials: Stainless steel base and accents.
Drink Holders and Chip Wells : custom-made, stainless steel.
Dimensions: Octagon-shaped, 5' across, 30" high.
Base Price: $22,000
Price As Shown: $26,000**

**Note: Table as shown includes these two optional features, priced at $2,000 each: 1) Mirror finish on the stainless steel; 2) One-piece, welded pedestal.

Please Email Mark to order a custom poker table like this one. Available in different woods and sizes, with custom veneers, inlays, carvings, pedestal bases and other features.

Customer Testimonial:
"Dear Mark -- I just have to write and say
thank you for the outstanding job you did on my card table.  Allowing me to have input into the design and functionality of the table, as well as your fine engineering and expert craftsmanship, has given me a table that I will enjoy forever and is the envy of all my card playing buddies...(more below) -- Henry Shaw

. . .

Customer Testimonial (continued from above):

"In my line of work, I deal with a lot of companies.  It's refreshing to see a company like yours that is both professional and caring.   I think you got it right, that customer satisfaction is the key.

     Oh and by the way, my wife loves it too.  As far as a piece of furniture, she says it's a masterpiece.   

     I'd wish you good luck, but you guys don't need it.  You are destined for major success. "

-- Henry Shaw

"Fantastic poker tables.
Lovely turnings and inlays".
David Michael Wood, Architectural Digest
June 2006

"Some of the poshest (poker tables) are Mark Lackley's custom-made cherry tables..."
Jim McManus, New York Times,
December 10, 2005

This table displays our craftsmanship in not only wood and highly polished black lacquer, but machined and polished stainless steel as well. The blending of these two materials requires special machining techniques, adhesives and polishing processes.

•  Top and base -- Wood: straight-grained Vermont poplar, sanded, grain-filled, colored, finished and polished in a many-step process that yields the high sheen.

•  Top and base --Stainless steel: was first rough-cut by laser, then fine-tuned to an exact fit in our shop. The bends were all done in a trial-and–error process that finally yielded the seamless results you see. The steel was then sanded and polished in place, ending with 2500 grit abrasive and buffing compounds. The sheen is just short of a mirror polish.

•  Chip wells: custom-designed, stainless steel, sit in a hollow, or mortise, flush with table top.

•  The felt is padded with ¼” closed cell foam and is set under a ledge in the top that is easily taken apart for future re-felting.

•  The table's pedestal, with its tapering curved shape, was welded on all four corners for a modern, seamless style. It took many hours of grinding, sanding and polishing to achieve this look.

•  Slide-out drink holders - hold full set of poker chips too.

Please Email Mark regarding custom orders.
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Felt options for your poker table top: (also available in custom colors.)

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