Vermont Trestle Farm Table
(Extendable, with built-in leaves)

Wood: Cherry (available in other woods)
Dimensions: 40 " W x 30" H x 84" L expanding to 114" L with leaves extended. Available in 3 standard sizes - see below. Special order custom sizes also available.
Also available without leaves - see pricing below.

Price: $6,700

"Dear Mark: Just thought you'd enjoy hearing that our farm table has been the centerpiece of at least a dozen unforgettable family gatherings over the past year.    Having plenty of room for eight people makes the dinner meal in our camp a time of great fellowship and relaxation." - Rudy S., Brant Lake, NY


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Leaves are up to extend the table.

Sizes and Prices:

Vermont Trestle Farm Table (extendable)
(Pictured above. Extendable with built-in leaves; all tables are 30" high.)

36" W x 60" L (seats 6);
extends to 92" L (seats 8-10): $5,800

Medium: 40" W x 78" L (seats 8-10);
extends to 110" L (seats 10-12): $6,700

44" W x 90" L (seats 10-12);
extends to 122" L (seats 12-14): $7,200

Vermont Trestle Farm Table (non-extendable)
(Non-extendable - eg. no leaves; all tables are 30" high).

Small: 36" W x 60" L (seats 6): $3,600
Medium: 40" W x 78" L (seats 8-10): $4,500
Large: 44" W x 90" L (seats 10-12); $5,000

Leaves are retracted underneath the table.

Vermont Trestle Farm Table

No more fumbling for the dining room table leaves -- on this table, they're attached.

Mark designed this Vermont Trestle Farm Table because so many customers wanted a dining table that was easily expandable. There are built-in leaves at each end that pull out to extend the table length by 32 inches.

The wedged through-tenon design (above left) is an ancient furniture form and allows the structure to be easily disassembled and moved, while remaining incredibly rigid while in place.

The table surface has been deeply hand planed and polished to give it a centuries-old feel.

This table is also available without leaves, as a "Vermont Trestle Farm Table (non-extendable) " (see pricing to left).

All tables can be made in a wood of your choice -- the pricing reflects a standard wood (cherry, mahogany, oak, ash, walnut) -- there will be an extra charge for premium woods such as tiger maple, birdseye maple, or other "figured" woods.

Custom sizing is also available - please call or email us for a price quote. 802-457-9286,




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