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Four Poster Bed with diamond finial
Wood: Tiger Maple
Dimensions: Queen Size, 87 1/2" L x 68" W x 85" H
Price: $4,200
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Bed Brackets

Traditional Design Meets Modern Bedding

This steel support bracket (one of six on a queen bed or eight on a king bed) is an example of the dedication I have to executing a proper design and making sure my furniture stands the test of time.

Custom-made for me at a local welding shop, these brackets hang from inside the bed frame and support the underside of the box spring at 6 inches or so above the floor. Bed rails - which typically support a box spring and mattress -- look best (and are strongest) when set 12 inches to 18 inches from the floor. However, this is problematic because modern bedding is often 20 inches thick, and if placed on top of bed rails the top of the mattress will sit too high (32 - 38 inches). Ideally, the top of the mattress shouldn't be higher than 26 inches off the floor.

So, how are all these standards taken into account? Some bed designs lower the rails to 6 inches off the floor, eliminating the need for the brackets. This looks silly and compromises the strength of the frame-post joint. Other designs call for the elimination of the box spring. In my designs, with the addition of the bed bracket, the bedding and the bed frame are both at their optimum heights.

In short, my bed brackets allow traditional bed design to meet modern bedding, without sacrificing beauty or strength.

Four-Poster Queen Bed
New Design of an Old Form

I wanted this bed to have a light feel and simple lines, and to let the spectacular wood carry the design. To do this, I heavily chamfered the posts and proportioned the finials to reflect the look of the posts. Then I added subtle details, such as the bend along the top of the headboard and the carved "lamb's tongue" on the posts. For details regarding how the mattress is supported, please see "Bed Brackets" on the display table.

Great Boards Require Patience

These bedposts (pictured left) are made from one of the finest curly maple boards I've ever seen.

Patience is required twice in using boards like this. First, I have to hold back on trips to the lumber dealers. I make a habit of visiting numerous dealers every month or so, and the trick is to avoid spending all my money in the first place, so that I can afford to buy the great boards if I find any later in the trip. Then I find it's best to wait awhile before using these outstanding boards. It seems that the longer I wait, the better the use I find for such planks. This one lay in my lumber racks for two years before I selected it for use in this bed.

Wood: Tiger Maple
Dimensions: 87 1/2" L x 68" W x 85" H

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