Amboyna Burl Poker Table and Chair Set

Woods: Amboyna Burl table; Mahogany chairs with Amboyna Burl slats and ebony pegs.
Inlay : Ebony, herringbone.
Drink Holders: custom-made, Mahogany.
Dimensions: 42" diameter, 30" high. Seats 4.
Price: $15,000

Please Email Mark to order a custom poker table like this one. Available in different woods and sizes, with custom veneers, inlays, carvings, pedestal bases and other features.

"Fantastic poker tables.
Lovely turnings and inlays".
David Michael Wood, Architectural Digest
June 2006

"Some of the poshest (poker tables) are Mark Lackley's custom-made cherry tables..."
Jim McManus, New York Times,
December 10, 2005

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Amboyna Burl Poker Table and Chair Set

This table was custom-made for a customer in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Poker Table is made of Amboyna Burl - one of the most prized veneers in the world. Amboyna Burl is characterized by fine, chaotic grain and contrasting colors, from dark chocolate and reddish brown to tans.

The Armchairs are custom-designed and built by Mark. The design blends the classic Shaker ladderback style with the comfort of the traditional trapezoidal chair. They're made of mahogany, with amboyna-laminated slats to match the table. Ebony pegs fasten the slats into the chair posts tying in with the table's ebony accents.

Professionally upholstered locally in Vermont, the Armchair seat is comprised of several layers for incredible comfort. The base is a webbing layer of polypropylene-encased rubber threads called "Elasbelt," which provides resilience and elasticity. This is the "gold standard" in upholstery, and is preferred over typical webbings such as jute, which sags over time, or straight polypropylene, which is too stiff. This layer is followed by three inches of foam, some Fiberfill, a layer of muslin, and finally, the soft black leather cover. The result is elegance, durability and ultimate comfort.

The table top is covered in a camel-colored felt with a black leather bumper. A herringbone inlay lines the inside perimeter of the black leather bumper. Along the outside perimeter of the table are ebony inlays of the playing suits - hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades.

Drink Holders: The drink holders are custom-designed and built by Mark. Made of mahogany, they pull out from the apron like small drawers. When closed, they are flush with the apron of the table. The cupholders themselves are large with 3.5 diameter holes that hold up to pint-size glasses.

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Felt options for your poker table top: (also available in custom colors.)

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