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Our deep precision experience and exceptional facilitty will deliver your specialty part or full product CNC outsourcing demands;

• Highly Skilled Craftspeople assigned to you
• Wood, Metal, Plastics, Hybrid and Experimental Materials
• Large-Scale Facility ready to book
• Detailed, Refined Servies System by Mark Lackley

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Our deep precision experience and exceptional facilitty will deliver your specialty part or full product CNC outsourcing demands;

- Woodstock, VT
- 7,000 sf
- Team of 6 - Est 2001.

Design, Fabrication & Short-Run Contract
Furniture and Cabinet Production

- Wood - Cases with plywood carcases and solid components - 
face frames, doors, bases, moldings
- Metals
- Plastics

3D Cad/Cam (SolidWorks & MasterCam) and CNC routing -
Contract Parts Production

- Extreme Prcision CNC work
- Multiple Machines
- Wide Variety of Materials
- Send your drawing, design or solid model for the fastest pricing per piece

If you are a builder or cabinetmaker, please consider having us edgeband your plywood doors and drawer fronts in solid wood with our state of the art Homag edgebander. Edge thickness just over 1/16". We use an edgebanding adhesive called polyolefin, which has better heat characteristics than typical edgebanding glues.

- Deep Expertise with decades of experiene
- Dialed-in color and sheen matching or color creation

Custom plywood
- Custom Plywood Production - for Expertise in producing custom plywood for specialty needs using HDF-faced poplar cores faced with sequenced or non-sequenced paper-backed veneer. Panels are produced by vacuum bagging. This custom approach to plywood eliminates issues related to available mass market plywood. Core voids, delamination and visible glue line problems are completely eliminated with our process. We also process off-the-shelf plywood.

Wide Belt Sanding
Efficient production of face frames and other solid wood components at volume with extremely minimal hand work. 

General Woodworking
Deep experience and facility to process wood components, from rough-milling to finishing, including jointing, planing, sanding, routing and turning. Additional specialties include custom decorative veneering and inlays, traditional solid wood joinery and custom furniture design and fabrication such as dining tables.

Machine Shop Work
- Custom metal and plastic parts on four 3-axis CNC machines (in addition to our CNC router). We've been producing parts for more than 15 years. 
- Welding - Basic MIG and TIG machines, Welding Table
- Limited sheet metal capabilities

Prototyping / Unique Design Challenges
Specialized experience working with engineers, designers and fabricators from a variety of disciplines to solve tough design problems. Our clients includee electronics specialists requiring components made by laser or water-jet (we seetup and contract this extended work off-site in our specialized network)

Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Panels
Production of carbon fiber-reinforced panels. We have more than two decades of experience in the carbon fiber panel specialty.

Solid Surface Fabrication
Solid surface custom material (Corian, Formica) in house.